A New Awakening


With the start of 2017 I am reviving my old blog which I started back in 2008 but abandoned for lack of time.

This blog would contain posts about JavaScript, web development, and some posts about life in general. Notice dates are not part of the permalink (url) as I plan to re-visit old articles and update them with new developments.

Initial stack

While my old blog was based on Wordpress, this one is a static site generated with Hexo and hosted on Github Pages. The reason for not using Wordpress is it is an overkill for simple websites such as this one. Also, it’s hard to say no to Github’s free and fast static hosting.

With additional weightage given to an HTTPS site by Google, I think it is good time to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks to Cloudflare which provides SSL for free. The setup process was fairly simple.

I am using Light theme for now but I wish to create a theme that is both Responsive and Accessibility-compliant. Ideas are welcome.

For handling user comments I am currently exploring Disqus. Let’s see how the trial goes.