Poll and Pool – Go Banana!

Now this is what I should call “a day”!

Day before yesterday I came to Indore to celebrate my holidays and moreover to celebrate the “Great Festival of Democracy”. Ya this was the first time I am voting. So, my day began early in the morning with only one goal in mind – to cast my vote. I went to polling booth at 10 am for voting. There I suffered scorching heat but Sun surrendered against the will of Indian citizens. I happily voted for *** since in my view this people are less corrupt than their opponents. Though I have to say that who ever wins, only Janta (citizens) loses. I really loved the ink mark on my left hand’s index finger.

After the end of my democratic duties for the day,  I am going to have some fun. So, what’s better place to enjoy than Hotel Sayaji’s bowling alley “Go Banana”. I went there in midst of the afternoon but Sun appeared less harsh this time. I am trying my hands on Bowling for the second time since I first played it in December. But to my despair the competion wasn’t very interesting since I lose. My score stood at a mere 65, even my friend a first timer scored better than me and also I had scored better the first time.

We are out now from there hoping evening’s gonna be fine and came to TI for enjoying some time doing bird watching but found no ‘Hansini’ and the mall was full of ‘crows’. We had some delicious Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate cake, dosa, fried idlis and miscellaneous stuff to satisfy overselves.

Now it’s time to come back home like ‘Sharif Bachhe’ but we took the risk of hanging at a pool near my friend’s home. OK now I am trying pool for the first time in my life though I didn’t found it very hard to understand how to play. In my view it’s just big Carrom board played with sticks. The game went very interesting, with me and my friend playing hard to force the ball in the pocket and the crowd surronding us were wondering when the foolish duo will end their match. It took 35 minutes and damn I lose here too but with lesser margin and pocketing the last ball myself but in the incorrect pocket. This was a huge relief for the people who were waiting for their turn for the last half an hour. Now I am going back home because it’s too late (and also I don’t want to lose a third game the same day).

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One comment on “Poll and Pool – Go Banana!
  1. Gaurav Tiwari says:

    Hey the Festival of Democracy comparision is simply awesome.

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