Introducing Me

So, as the ritual goes, let me take some time to introduce myself. Hi I am Fakhruddin Ali, studying (I mean trying to do so) in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal, better known as MACT.

I am a resident of Indore and living in a rented room in Bhopal. To be precise about Bhopal, beautiful scenery and opposite for girls, good non-veg food, no multiplex no mall but good deals at shops in Old Bhopal and a beautiful (but dry at present) lake.

I was born in Dubai(UAE) on a fine dawn in September. I did my pre-primary upto class 1 from Progressive English School, Sharjhah.

If you talk about my school days, they were mind blowing. I enjoyed my days at Malwa Cambridge H.S. School very much and always pray that may God gift me a chance to relive that moments. Amen.

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2 comments on “Introducing Me
  1. Ruchi says:

    nyc… got to know about Bhopal more than you though…its been really long you this post. how about writing a new one and introduce the new you…..

  2. Fakhruddin says:

    Yeah sure…
    But inserting another post won’t serve the purpose. Updating the ‘About’ page to introduce the new imporved me. :)

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